Ann Marie Powderly Wedding Singer & Guitarist

Annie PowderlyMy first singing experience was when I joined the Local Folk group at the tender age of 7. From there I pretty much never stopped. My last Santa present was an acoustic guitar and a book. That Christmas I taught myself how to play the basic chords and I also taught myself how to Strum. I was 10 at the time. From the age of 13/14 I was encouraged by the leader of the Folk Group to bring my guitar to The Choir and I started playing along with singing both harmonies and solo parts within the choir. I also began to write my own songs and sang my own compositions for my Junior and Leaving Certificate Music practicals receiving honours in both exams.

Annie Powderly In ConcertAt the age of 17, I joined an indie rock band and we recorded and wrote some of our own material. All during this time and through my work with the Choir, I was approached to do wedding ceremonies, funerals and other church ceremonies. I also played at parties and functions building up both a style for myself and my own repertoire. Continuing on into my 20's I played at various Ceremonies, parties and events alongside a career in social care it was a part-time hobby until I had my children. After I had my second child I could no longer do my music on a part-time basis. It had to be my career. Over the past 3 years, on a full-time basis I have thrown myself into my original music, weddings, gigs and functions. Singing  is  a very central element of who I am. It is my passion. When I sing, I feel empowered and that's how I can guarantee the best possible service and atmosphere regardless of whether it is your wedding ceremony, party, gig or function because it is Who I Am!! 

I continue to write my own music and in September 2013 I released my debut single, The Road Less travelled to Itunes. 

I am a full-time professional singer and guitarist, specialising in Weddings and drinks receptions. Check out my live listings to see when i will be playing a venue near you.

My Services:

Wedding ceremonies



Gigs in all venues

Charity and corporate events.



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